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EditNATION.com Weekly Quiz #1

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Questions and answers to Quiz #1.

1. Evernote wasn't exactly a globally-recognized brand at that point.

Rule: never hyphenate an –ly adverb.

2. One awesome way to keep your fan base happy and engaged is to give them gifts.

Rule: “Base” is singular, but “them” is a plural pronoun.

Rule: God is awesome, Nature is awesome, but giving gifts to your business’s fan base is absolutely not awesome. You want to not be taken seriously? Use "awesome."

3. Begin by completing the items under "Your Inbound Marketing Foundation".

Rule: In American English, commas and periods always go inside quotation marks. There. Are. No. Exceptions.

4. The team lacked a background in marketing and had no formal strategy on how to connect with their users or visitors.

Rule: Team is a collective noun and takes a singular verb and pronoun.

Rule: Watch out that you don’t use two basically equivalent nouns in an and/or structure; in other words, “users” and “visitors” are so very similar that I’d suggest using one, but not both.

5. Throughout the research process, they evaluated three providers, but in the end, chose us due to comfortability during the trial period and ease of use.

Rule: Don’t make up words. “Comfortability” is not a word. Even if it were a word, I’d say that the concept is so similar to “ease of use” that one should be used but not both.

6. The school was founded as a nonprofit organization and graduated it's first class in 1947.

Rule: The possessive of it is its, not it’s.