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Why should you publish a style guide for your business?
Three words: Editorial and creative continuity.
Well, that was four words. Still, your business will benefit from imposing a consistent and correct “style” on all your content, from flyers to website content, from brochures to business cards.
What is “style”?
Style refers to continuity, and continuity means that all your content is correct across all platforms and all authors: page after page, blog after blog, white paper after white paper.
Continuity means that your associates can refer to your style guide to answer all their questions about how to correctly represent your business in print.
Continuity means that your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed.
Continuity is an insistence on excellence.
People notice. Your associates notice. Your customers notice. Your competitors notice.
Continuity is a state of mind.
Every business needs continuity; every business needs its own style guide.
As it happens, we publish style guides.